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Do you feel down and can’t explain why? Maybe you feel like the world is crumbling beneath your feet.
Perhaps it’s just something you feel, a feeling that something just isn’t right.

It could be that you already know what it is but you don’t have the answers to help you overcome it. A path maybe ahead but the route just isn’t clear.

My name is Alison Demarco I am a world renowned psychic, NLP practitioner, author, colour therapist and face reading expert.
I was once like you lost in a world of uncertainty.

In 1992 my life began to fall apart with depression and anxiety to add to this i was diagnosed with cancer and given a weeks, maybe months to live.

Despite my situation, I found strength in natural healing and that was the catalyst that set me on a world of discovery.

Against the odds I overcame my illness and then I took control of my mind. No longer did my thoughts spiral out of control. No longer did I feel the anxiety and depression.
But the real magic for me… I decided to become a qualified NLP practitioner and furthermore: create the most comprehensive system for the language of colour and face reading on the planet. My sole aim to help others.

No matter what the issues you face, I believe… that through understanding yourself and the things that have happened in your life that you can transcend it all and become the best possible version of yourself. You can overcome so many things it’s simply outstanding… if you just identify, address the issues and break yourself free from the limitations that face you.

Ok so here’s the kicker… these limits, are not real. YOU are limitless! The constraints that you face CAN be overcome. I’d love nothing better than to show you this is true.

I’ve helped 1000s of people spanning over 40 years to find their true self.
From overcoming health issues to reuniting with loved ones passed over to reprogramming the mind through NLP, Identifying past and present health and wellbeing issues through my unique one of a kind colour language therapy system and also showing people how: their face and body types impact their lives and what makes them tick through my unique and powerful face reading system.

Yes you can become the real you. You can fulfil your highest potential. No matter how big or small you may think your problems are the chances are they will not go away on their own. I’m here for you.

And if you let me guide you, soon you will find the route on the path you are on to a peaceful mind, fulfilled life and wellbeing.
As the great philosopher Hillel the Elder once said… If not now, when?




I met Alison in June for a reading. Absolutely lovely person, gave me some great advice. She was the boost I needed at the time to work on myself to get to where I wanted to be in life after being stuck for so long. Can’t thank you enough ♥️

Colleen Thomson

Alison is a lovely and powerful presence. I went for a reading with her a couple of weeks ago and she read me incredibly well. She was able to see me on a very deep level and to capture key characteristics of my current situation without me hardly talking at all. It was a very helpful and illuminating session and I would recommend Alison to anyone! So glad I decided to go for a reading with her.

Maria Jernslett

Alison is brilliant! I’ve visited her a couple of times now and am always welcomed warmly with open arms. She is a genuine soul who definitely makes you feel at ease. No subject is off limits and she’s super easy to talk to. Her readings and intuition are spot on, and she just has that ability to help you heal those open wounds in a safe gentle environment. I didn’t realise Alison also does courses to help you develop your own abilities! I’ll definitely be booking onto one of those asap. Highly recommend!

Laura Nelson

A unique and wonderful experience with Alison. She was gentle and kind and offered some rare insight into my past which left me speechless and curious with the colour reading. Alison have sound and logical advice. I loved my reading and cannot wait to see what comes 😊

Justine Blamey